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Problem using sav files.

Hi experts:

I am stuck with a problem using a sav file: 

My program is an widget driven i/o interface for FACSIMILE. It
consists of about 400 functions/routines. When I compile the 
whole thing using resolve_all it works fine in this IDL session.
However, when I save the thing ( easy.sav ) and restart IDL using 
the easy.sav file it worked fine for a while, then the thing 
crashes IDL totally during operation even when I use the same 
input data. Restarting IDL with sav file: crash. Restarting 
IDL with source compiled: OK. Save and restart: Crash. Rebooting
and repeating gives the same result. I can also reproduce this
behaviour on a different machine, with different user profile. 
I had the same behaviour with a previous version of the program 
which crashed in the same way at a different location in the 
program but I cannot reproduce this again :-| 

Does anybody have similar problems? Is there any possibility 
to catch an error before IDL crashes?
I am using: { x86 Win32 Windows 5.3.1 Feb 23 2000}

Best regards


Dr. Theo Brauers
Institut fuer Atmosphaerische Chemie (ICG-3)
Forschungszentrum Juelich
52425 JUELICH, Germany
Tel. +49-2461-61-6646    Fax. +49-2461-61-5346