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Re: Problem using sav files.

David Fanning wrote:
> I'm going to guess programmer error. :-)
> You will go a long way toward solving the problem if you
> stick some kind of Catch error handler in those functions/routines.
> It is hard to write an application with 4 functions that doesn't
> have some kind of error, let alone 400! I use a Catch
> error handler in most of my widget programs that is some
> variation of this:
>    Catch, theError
>    IF theError NE 0 THEN BEGIN
>       Catch, /Cancel
>       Widget_Control, event.top, Set_UValue=info, /No_Copy
>       ok = Error_Message(Traceback=1, /Error)
>       RETURN
>    ENDIF
> The Error_Message program can be found on my web page. It
> will put the system error message (!Error_State.Msg) in
> a Dialog_Message if appropriate for the device. Otherwise,
> it will use Message. But setting the Traceback keyword
> will lead you directly to the error. :-)
> Cheers,
> David
Hi again:

I put your code into those routines which are called in the vicinity 
of the crash. No error during the operation from compiled routines.
It crashes again IDL coming up with Dr.Watson. The exception is an 
access violation 0xc0000005 at address 0x02854f14. The problem 
is that you cant step through a program loaded from sav file. Since 
the error doesnot occur during the operation from freshly compiled
I am trapped ..... Probably its better to report the error to RSI
or to wait for IDL5.4.

Best Theo

Dr. Theo Brauers
Institut fuer Atmosphaerische Chemie (ICG-3)
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