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Re: Kodak buys RSI!!

Struan Gray wrote:

>         If IDL was killed tomorrow I would still have the working version
> I currently own, and although switching to another package would be a
> pain, it's hardly the end of the world.  So congrats to D. Stern for
> cashing in on all his hard work, and I'll wait and see what happens
> next.
> Struan

But that's only a solution until you upgrade your OS and find that
the current binaries no longer work. Or you upgrade your license server
and need new license keys.

I certainly hope they continue to maintain and develop the core IDL
package. That's the one we rely on here. Switching to any other package
would be a major headache for us - our routine day-to-day data 
processing and graphics is built on IDL.

We will be keeping a close watch on developments at RSI/Kodak. 

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