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Re: object wizards

Bernard Puc (bpuc@va.aetc.com) writes:

> 	Apparently, an array created with objarr() can only store one type of
> object.  And thats consistent with arrays of structures.  But, I want to
> store several different objects together somehow in a single variable. 
> A structure doesn't work since I have a variable number of objects to
> store.  Therefore, is the only way to do this with an array of pointers,
> where each pointer references an object reference?

Why would you think this!? This simple test works well:

IDL> a=objarr(2)
IDL> a[0] = Obj_New('idlgrSurface')
IDL> a[1] = Obj_New('idlgrPlot')

An object reference is an object reference. I can't see
how ObjArr or anyone else can object. :-)


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