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Re: IDL Shelved?

Rumors of IDL being shelved are completely untrue.

Harold Cline
IDL Product Manager

Aaron Birenboim wrote:
> I haven't been using MatLab/IDL/PV-Wave for a while, and
> I am now in the process of choosing an image processing/
> analysis tool platform for a new company.
> It looks like Kodak bought RSI?  IDL?
> Whats the case?
> Now I have seen rumors about IDL being shelved?
> Well...  that would certainly point me toward PV-Wave.
> How does PV-Wave's future look?
> --
> Aaron Birenboim
> Albuquerque, NM
> aaron@ptree.abq.nm.us
> http://www.swcp.com/~aaron