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IDL and PCI: problems


I'm using IDL 5.3 and PCI (PCIWorks, Version 7.0, Release date: May
2000) on a Windows NT (SP 6) workstation. IDL uses a local license file,

while PCI gets its licence file from a server.
Problem: Since I installed IDL, PCI slowed down, e.g. if I start
PCIWorks or Xpace etc., I have to wait for about a minute for the pop-up

of the Toolbar. Opening a task in Xpace is no problem but the command
RUN or STATUS is slow again...

Any suggestions? Can someone help?

Thank you,

Dave Oesch


   David Oesch  -  Remote Sensing Research Group

   Department of Geography

   University of Bern   Tel :  +41 (0)31 631 8020
   Hallerstr. 12        Fax :  +49 (0)89 2443 43780
   CH - 3012 Bern       Mail: oesch@giub.unibe.ch
   Switzerland          http://saturn.unibe.ch/rsbern