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Re: Non-linear axis

Martin Schultz wrote:
> Craig Markwardt wrote:
> >
> >
> > Pay no attention to Martin.  :-)   ...
> Oh Craig. Thanks for bringing me back on Earth ;-) Guess, I just got
> carried away by the word non-linear axis ... You only need resampling
> if you want to display an image which was sampled in linear "bins" on
> a non-linear axis.
> Never mind,
> Martin
I have the impression, that the elegant solution does need the
part. I am not sure if I brought my point across the first time. What I
is an image which needs two different y-axes, one is a standard linear
scale, the other is related to the first one as each value is
a*y1*y1. I have seen the same style of axis-labeling for phase diagramms
one x-axis label linearly with values of 1000 K/ T and the second x-axis
labeled with standard Celsius temperatures as most thermometers aren't
labeled in 1000K / T. 
The solution I found now with the hints given here (but which I consider
rather clumsy and almost like cheating):
While doing the contourplot getting the tickvalues with
Calculating the corresponding values for my second y-axis (y2_value).
Drawing the second y-axis using the AXIS procedure with positing the
ticks with YTICKV=y_value, labeling the ticks via YTICKNAME=y2_value,
using YTICKS to make sure I have the correct number of ticks.
This does not give me very nice numbers and if I want to get that I
I have to do quite some calculating back and forth. I think what I am
dreaming about is something kind of like the YLOG keyword.

Thanks for the help I have gotten so far