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Re: No refresh for IDL X-windows under XFree86

In article <39F8EACD.D21EBE5D@astro.princeton.edu>,
David V Bowen  <dvb@astro.princeton.edu> wrote:
>I've just upgraded my laptop to RedHat 7.0 which is running the new
>XFree86 v4 and am using my previous installation of IDL 5.3 (linux
>x86). I notice, however, that after using IDL to plot something in one
>of its x-windows, if I bring some _other_ window to the front,
>covering IDL's x-window, then remove it, IDL's window doesn't
>refresh. In other words, the area previously covered by any other
>window just stays black.

Try this: 
In your .Xresources file put the in the following piece of text

# IDL backing store
idl.retain: 2                                                                   

That ought to tell the X window manager to handle the screen updating,
instead of letting IDL do it (which it doesn't).

Cheers, Dirk