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Re: Mac OS X

A recent email exchange with RSI tech support indicated they have a 
developer working on it and expect a beta by May-June '01 ... I assume 
this will be a Carbonized, not Cocoa, implementation (but can always 

FWIW, 5.3 runs pretty well under Classic in the OS X Beta.  There are 
some cosmetic issues with IDL direct graphics windows 'persisting' when 
shifting back and forth between OS X 'native apps' and 
5.3-under-Classic, but nothing showstopping.  

Also, when run full-tilt on a large number crunching job, 
5.3-under-Classic obviously still hogs the Classic environment but OS 
X-native apps are at least concurrently accessible, if not terribly 
responsive (this on a G3/400).  (OTOH, on a dual-proc G4, I imagine 
things would be great...).  Suboptimal, but alot better than under OS 9, 
where a full-tilt IDL job pretty much stopped everything other than 
'background' services (printing, file sharing, etc).

I am curious if the new socket-as-file-unit feature will be available in 
the Mac version once OS X is embraced...

Personally, I can't wait.  I'll finally be able to ditch the SGI on my 
other desk.  With the annual savings in SGI support costs and 
dramatically reduced costs for external storage, I'll gladly buy another 
OS X license...


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> Ed, good question. I would like to know myself.
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> > To    IDL users
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> > Does RSI-Kodak have plans to port IDL to the new Mac OS, OS X?
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