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Re: IDL 5.4 Stability - wot about the licensing?

David Fanning wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Has anyone had any problems with IDL 5.4 stability? I've
> managed to completely crash it three times in the past
> couple of weeks. It's odd, because I don't recall
> IDL 5.3.1 *ever* crashing on my Windows NT machine in
> all the times I've used it.

I haven't exercised IDL 5.4 too hard but so far everything is honky dory.

One annoying thing I have noticed is that on my linux box I can now only have one session
of IDL running. Previously every other platform/OS on which I have used IDL (that had a
single user license) I could open as many IDL sessions as I wanted (as the same user). But
now I get the "Do you want to wait for a license?" message and then into the 7-minute demo

Wot a major pain in the ass. I typically have  5-8 different desktops on which I am
working on completely different things. I use IDL to examine/visualise data in one and use
it for software prototyping in another etc. Now I need to shut down IDL in one desktop to
do anything useful in another (losing all the session data which I am *not* going to save

Has anyone else experienced this?

I am hoping that I have screwed up the installation somehow because if this is the new way
of how IDL 5.4 licensing works, then I am unconditionally trashing 5.4 on my desktop
without even an inkling of a second thought and going back to 5.3.X.


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