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IDL 5.4 Stability

Hi Folks,

Has anyone had any problems with IDL 5.4 stability? I've
managed to completely crash it three times in the past
couple of weeks. It's odd, because I don't recall
IDL 5.3.1 *ever* crashing on my Windows NT machine in
all the times I've used it. 

Twice I was doing something stupid, I'm sure. But
once it crashed running one of my programs on my
web page. (This was just before a lecture, so I didn't
follow up and now I can't even remember what program
I was running. I switched to IDL 5.3.1 for the lecture.)

I'm just curious if others have experienced something



P.S. Please, I am *NOT* trying to start a flame war
here. I'm just beginning to think I may have installed
something incorrectly. At this point, I'm more inclined
to think this is my problem (or, more likely, a Windows 
problem) rather than IDL's. :-)

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