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Re: IDL 5.4 Stability

David Fanning schrieb:

> ...
> Has anyone had any problems with IDL 5.4 stability? I've
> managed to completely crash it three times in the past
> couple of weeks. It's odd, because I don't recall
> IDL 5.3.1 *ever* crashing on my Windows NT machine in
> all the times I've used it.
> ...

I have similar experiences with idl 5.4 on my Windows NT, meaning more
frequent cashes. I am using (extensively?) David Fannings display
routines like xsurface, xcountour and xwindow beside some own stuff with
widgets and some objects with relatively much data space (about 150 MB).

Up to now I could not relate crashes with my operations. However, I am
suspicious about IDL's registry use since my machine(s) showed after
crashes a very slow recovery of the desktop.

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