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Re: IDL 5.4 Stability - wot about the licensing?

Bernard Puc wrote:
> Paul van Delst wrote:
> >
> > One annoying thing I have noticed is that on my linux box I can now only have one session
> > of IDL running. Previously every other platform/OS on which I have used IDL (that had a
> > single user license) I could open as many IDL sessions as I wanted (as the same user). But
> > now I get the "Do you want to wait for a license?" message and then into the 7-minute demo
> > Has anyone else experienced this?
> I sent this to RSI Tech Support and they are aware of the problem.

So did I. I got an automated response telling me that:

"Please note that we are experiencing an unusually high volume of requests
for technical assistance."


Is this a good/bad/normal/indifferent sign? Oop...I just got another email telling my
"call" has been accepted by RSI Tech Support. Wow.

I once heard (probably in this newsgroup) that RSI is a significantly smaller operation
that companies offering similar products (e.g. Mathworks). If so, then RSI sure is on the
ball with regards to Customer Support. I'll take this opportunity to pile on another kudo
(I'm still trolling for a free IDL mug :o)


p.s. I love the new control statements (break, continue, switch) but I wish that "cycle"
(ala f90) had been used in place of "continue" - now my editor displays the MESSAGE
CONTINUE keyword in bold red instead of purple. Bummer, man.

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