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Re: IDL 5.4 Stability

> >> That's why I'm still ysing 4.0.1 at home.... :-)
> > And it does all you want? You must be easy to please!
> Indeed, it does.

Me too. I'm still on 4.0 on a DU 3.2 system which has reasons to stay 
that why. I'd like a stable cheap language. 

I would be more agreable to pay cheaper licenses (for instance linked to
hours of usage, and "rechargeable") than the current floating licenses,
and a small upgrade/maintenance charge for the rare cases (one is
approaching) when I have to change the hostid in the license server file
because I write off an old workstation. I'm really not interested in
getting CDs of "upgraded" versions which give me lots of GUI oriented
stuff I do not need, or changes which can be annoying (like the [] stuff
for arrays) or worsened performance (our license server is tied to 5.1
because 5.3 does not support OPTIONS.DAT, and I would carefully avoid to
go to 5.4 since it does not write GIFs anymore).

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