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Re: IDL 5.4 Stability

Well,  I'm still using 5.0.2, circa mid 1997.  It's hard to know what the
"best" version for one's particular feature needs and stability is.  Maybe we
should have a vote as to what the best version of IDL is, taking into account
both features and stability. Since I haven't (I hate to admit it) gotten into
object graphics yet, I don't consider that functionality to be important
right now.

LC's No-Spam Newsreading account wrote:

> > >> That's why I'm still ysing 4.0.1 at home.... :-)
> > > And it does all you want? You must be easy to please!
> > Indeed, it does.
> Me too. I'm still on 4.0 on a DU 3.2 system which has reasons to stay
> that why. I'd like a stable cheap language.
> I would be more agreable to pay cheaper licenses (for instance linked to
> hours of usage, and "rechargeable") than the current floating licenses,
> and a small upgrade/maintenance charge for the rare cases (one is
> approaching) when I have to change the hostid in the license server file
> because I write off an old workstation. I'm really not interested in
> getting CDs of "upgraded" versions which give me lots of GUI oriented
> stuff I do not need, or changes which can be annoying (like the [] stuff
> for arrays) or worsened performance (our license server is tied to 5.1
> because 5.3 does not support OPTIONS.DAT, and I would carefully avoid to
> go to 5.4 since it does not write GIFs anymore).
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