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Re: IDL on VMS??

Harvey Rarback wrote:

>     Folks,
> Is anybody else as upset as I am about Kodak's lack of support for OpenVMS
> after
> version 5.4?  Considering the history of IDL on the platform and the still
> large
> number of scientists using VMS, it seems like a mistake to me.
> Any suggestions for getting Kodak to reconsider?
>                                                           --Harvey

We have a large application that has run under VMS since 1980s (mainly using
Fortran 77). The system was upgraded a few years ago when we moved to OpenVMS
on Alpha. At this stage, we took the opportunity to rewrite the graphics in
IDL and have never looked back.
Now we are being limited in moving forward (in the IDL direction). Moving to
another platform or OS is not really an option.

We are not very happy bunnies.