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Re: IDL on VMS??

"Harvey Rarback" <rarback@slac.stanford.edu> writes:

>    Folks,

>Is anybody else as upset as I am about Kodak's lack of support for OpenVMS
>after version 5.4?  Considering the history of IDL on the platform and the
>still large number of scientists using VMS, it seems like a mistake to me.

>Any suggestions for getting Kodak to reconsider?

>                                                          --Harvey

Just for the record, I would like to say that we still require our IDL software
to run under OpenVMS as well as Unix/Windows/MacOS, and will continue to do so
for some years into the future.  Two of the instruments aboard the Solar and
Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite use OpenVMS for their operational
systems, and IDL is an integral part of the operations software for at least
one of those systems, and I believe the other one as well.  We also are aware
of sites which still depend on OpenVMS for data analysis.

William Thompson