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Re: How to create a Windows IDL app?

 There is a tips page at CSU with a short description about launching IDL
apps from the Windows Desktop.


 File type association is important with some methods, but CSU's method is
to create a MS-DOS batch (*.bat) file and used this file to launch IDL with
the desired IDL porgram.

 Also, I notice the tips page needs to be updated, as RSI moved the
idlde.exe into another directory with IDL 5.3.

Kelly Dean

Dave Greenwood wrote:

> I'm trying to create a Windows NT IDL application so that I double-
> click an icon and fire up the application.  I've been following
> David Fanning's tips at http://www.dfanning.com/tips/idl_icon.html
> but I'm obviously doing something wrong.  I strongly suspect it's
> because I haven't set up the appropriate file type association in
> the Registry.
> What "action"  should I use?
> And what "application"?
> This is IDL 5.3.1.
> Thanks,
> Dave
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