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Re: projecting a PLOT onto wall of SURACE

Andrew wrote:
> In article <3A102ABB.EA9C40CD@noaa.gov>,
>   "Pavel A. Romashkin" <pavel.romashkin@noaa.gov> wrote:
> > "The PLOT_3DBOX procedure plots a function of two variables (e.g.,
> > Z=f(X, Y)) inside a 3D box. Optionally, the data can be projected onto
> > the "walls" surrounding the plot area."
> >
> > Is this something you can use?
> I looked into that but its hard to see how it helps.  THe 2d plot I
> have is perfectly well-defined, and it is not a projection of a
> 3d curve.
> I'm beginning to think this problem is far too obscure to worry
> about.

Why can't you just overplot the 3-d plot but with one of the data arrays set to a level
such that it looks like a separate plot on one of the box sides. I just did it with my own
3-d plotter (which has a specified OPLOT keyword). Took about a minute. I created an
unrelated 2-d dataset and just set all the Z-values to 0 (you could do the same for the X-
or Y- values depending on which "box-side" you want to plot on. The T3D transformation
from the previous 3-d plot is used. In the event that the data ranges of your 2-d plot are
outside the existing 3-d curve you have already plotted, then why use the same graph? It
would be a confusing overplot.



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