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Re: DG SURFACEs: opaque vs. transparent

Drawing a wire mesh is not supposed to have an opaque
effect, I suppose... I haven't tried, but SHADE_SURF should
do the trick, with the keyword SHADES set to an array of
!p.background (so that it just erases, without light source
So first set up the transform, then do your plot on the wall, then
erase the surface, then draw a wire mesh again.

No doubt you will run into yet another problem, but it should be
fun. I find it hard to believe, though, that all this will lead to a plot of
outstanding clarity... :-)

"Andrew" <noymer@my-deja.com> wrote in message
> Dear C.l.i-p,
> Is there a way to make DG SURFACEs opaque as opposed
> to transparent?  I've got lines showing.
> I'm not talking about hidden line removal, rather
> the fact that other graphs that go "under" the
> surface (according to the perspective) show though.
> Thuis is when, e.g., I draw a surface and then a 2D
> plot, projected onto one of the walls of the aquarium.
> This arose from my finding a solution to my earlier
> problem...
> TIA,
>   Andrew
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