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Re: Generating color postscript in IDL

Randall Skelton wrote:
> I am looking to generate 24 bit color postscript from IDL 5.3.  Does
> anyone know if there is a way to do this?  Perhaps I am being overly
> ambitious with asking for 24 bit... however, I have written all of my
> color plotting using 24 bit addresses for colors so if I cannot plot
> directly in 24 bit postscript, how do I go about converting my plots
> (which look very nice on my display) into a color postscript file.

One way is to use the PRINTER graphics device, with a color PostScript
printer (such as HP Color Laserjet PS) selected for output to a file,

entry_device = !d.name
set_plot, 'PRINTER'
result = dialog_printersetup() ; Select HP Color Laserjet PS to file
device, /true_color
plot, indgen(10), color='FF0000'XL
device, /close_document
set_plot, entry_device

This creates a bright blue plot in IDL 5.3 for NT4. The printer dialog
takes a bit more patience on UNIX platforms, but it does work.