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Re: Square Brackets vs. Parentheses

In article <3A1EA3B6.A337AB1E@higp.hawaii.edu>, Eric Pilger <pilger@higp.hawaii.edu> writes...

>Needless to say, I have a user who has been playing loose with this
>stuff for years. He now has hundreds of routines that use parentheses
>for arrays AND functions, and are therefore broken under IDL 5.4. Does
>anybody out there have a fix for this problem? Possibly a nice little
>parser/translator that can figure out what's meant and stick in the
>appropriate symbol :-) After all, IDL was doing it for years.

The procedure idlv4_to_v5.pro in 
(and supporting procedures (FDECOMP, MATCH, REMOVE, ISFUNCTION() )
is about 98% efficient in converting all indexing parentheses into 
square brackets.     It has occasional problems with continuation lines, and
indicies within strings (e.g. for an EXECUTE() statement).

--Wayne Landsman                       landsman@mpb.gsfc.nasa.gov