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Robert Mallozzi

Dear IDLers,

     This posting is off-topic, but as Bob Mallozzi was a frequent 
poster here, I thought I should mention something for those of you that 
knew of him. All others can certainly skip this.

     It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I inform you that my 
friend and colleague Robert Mallozzi died last week in his home in 
Huntsville, Alabama. He was 35. Those of you that have seen his work, or 
read his comments here, know that he was a gifted programmer, one that 
truly loved his work. His postings here only hinted at his wonderful 
good nature. Unlike myself, he was right in there with the rest when a 
tricky question came up. He taught me object-oriented programming in the 
best way possible: producing good, solid examples in the WINGSPAN 
project code he produced for our group at the University of Alabama in 
Huntsville. I have had the pleasure of working directly with him for at 
least 5 years, and have nothing but respect for the many things he 
accomplished while he was here. You may know from his web page that he 
was a PhD scientist working in the field of gamma-ray astronomy, but you 
might not know that the journal article that formed the core of his 
thesis is still being cited heavily, five years after its publication. 
Recently, he had been working on a second degree, in CS, and had moved 
away from IDL programming, after he was hired away from our group. 
Still, he could always be counted to join in on our non-periodic beer 
tastings, bringing a few select brews along for us to sample. So when 
you get the chance, hoist one for Bob.

     He will be missed.

    - Rob Preece
      Senior Research Associate
      Dept. of Physics
      University of Alabama in Huntsville
      (256) 961-7654

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