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Re: FSC_surface and xsurface under LINUX/IDL5.3

Thanks David,

I have inserted the kludge-- drawID in the info structure and if
!version.os_family EQ 'unix' and !version.release EQ '5.3' then
Widget_Control .... in the resize routine.

I am about 60% finished reading your book so I will try to write a review
for Amazon next week when I have finished my first reading.



David Fanning wrote in message ...
>Andrew Meigs (ameigs@jet.uk) writes:
>> This is a question that I probably should have put to David alone, but it
>> could be a general object graphics problem under LINUX. So here goes:
>> I have been using David Fanning's object graphics surface plotting
>> xsurface and recently fsc_surface, under Win-NT4 with no problems;
>> under Linux and IDL5.3 the resizing feature seems to not work. The
>> window 'wants' to be one size no matter how big or small you make the
>> frame. All other features seem to work well.
>> Has anyone had similar problems with IDL under LINUX? Does anyone know of
>> solution?
>This reminds me that I *have* to find some time to
>update my web page. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I'm
>selling so many books this week there is no time. :-)
>This turns out to be a bug in IDL 5.3. I wrote these
>programs to be "object graphic" example programs. Thus,
>when the window is resized, I wanted to dimension the
>window in the "object-graphics" way. So I do this:
>   info.theWindow->SetProperty, Dimensions[event.x, event.y]
>This works in all but the UNIX versions of IDL 5.3
>apparently, so I wasn't aware of the problem until
>The work-around is to simply resize the draw widget:
>   Widget_Control, info.drawID, Draw_XSize=event.x, Draw_YSize=event.y
>But since the "proper" way is working in IDL 5.4
>(as I understand it), I'm reluctant to put in a kludgy
>Anyway, I wanted to get an article written that explains
>the problem. (And I guess I have it about half done now.)
>If you have problems getting your version to work, let me
>know and I'll send you the fix.
>> BTW: David's new book is excellent.
>You wouldn't want to tell that to the folks at Amazon
>would you? Thanks to so many old friends my book is
>rocketing up the charts again, but friendly reviews do
>wonders for book sales. The downside, of course, is that
>I have less time to write articles. :-)
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