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Re: Object Graphics+Win2k+nVidia Lockups

Yes, Win2k does have a service pack.  Maybe I'll try reinstalling that.

I just installed 5.4 about the time this problem arose and wanted to
blame my problems on it but 5.3 is exhibiting the same problems too.  To
compound matters, I am developing the program so I don't know if it is a
change in my code or the install of 5.4

It doesn't look like IDL changed any OpenGL libs in /winnt/system32. 
There are mesaGL libs that ship with IDL 5.4 and wingl32.dll that ships
with both 5.3 and 5.4.  Does anybody know what roll these files play in
the rendering process?

It figures, just when the program is starting to get really cool.....

ronn kling wrote:
> Rick,
> I am using IDL5.3 and IDL5.4 on a windows NT machine (with a nVidia card)
> and have had no problems locking up with object graphics. I was having
> display problems after I installed 5.3 but reinstalling the service pack
> fixed it. Does win2K have anything like a service pack that you can
> reinstall?
> Ronn
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