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Subject:  IDLWAVE 4.6

Hello IDLWAVE/Emacs users,

I have uploaded version 4.6 of IDLWAVE.  You can get it as usually at


There are two important user-visible changes:

1. IDL 5.4 update
   Routine Info and Online Help are up to date with IDL 5.4.  There is 
   also support for the new SWITCH/BREAK/CONTINUE statements in
   idlwave-mode.  Support for these includes fontification, templates
   and abbreviations.

2. IDLWAVE-Shell is more xterm-like
   Just like in an x-terminal, the UP and DOWN arrows make the cursor
   jump to the current command line and operate the command history.
   Several of you have asked for this change, and it is now the
   If you prefer the old behavior, use this setting:

     (setq idlwave-shell-arrows-do-history nil)

   There is also an intermediate setting where the arrows walk the
   history only if the cursor is in the current command line.  If you
   have left the command line and scrolled back to view some old
   output, the arrow keys simply move the cursor.
     (setq idlwave-shell-arrows-do-history 'cmdline)

Here is the full list of changes:

Revision 4.6
   - Shell window more like xterm:
     - show as much output as possible
     - up and down arrows do history stuff (see new variable
   - Routine info and help files updated to IDL 5.4
   - Support for the new IDL statements (SWITCH, BREAK, CONTINUE)
   - File name completion in strings in buffers, similar to the shell.
   - Bugfix for shell printing of identifiers with `!' and `.'
   - END is replaced by ENDIF etc already when indenting a line with TAB.
   - Routiine info and source lookup switch to INIT automatically when
     the cursor is in keyword section of an OBJ_NEW call.

   - Fixed file name completion with a dash in file names.
   - Font-lock enhancements in structure definitions: Structure name
     and tag names.
   - Fixed bug with parsing of routine definition if comment lines are
     scallered between continuation lines.
   - `idlwave-close-block' and `idlwave-abbrev-change-case'
     interaction bug fixed.
   - Fixed bug with getting system variable info from the Shell under
     IDL5.2 and earlier.  Used to produce a compilation error, now
     just silently fails.

Thanks to those of you who reported problems or sent other comments.


- Carsten