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Re: It costs how much?!!?!

Randall Skelton wrote:
> Bill's message seems points to a growing trend which RSI had best be
> concerned about-- IDL is not the only programming tool available these
> days:  Wavemetrics IGOR, Mathworks MATLAB, and a few others are all
> gaining ground and cost a fraction of what RSI charges for IDL!

I'm not convinced of that. Way back when, when a number of my colleagues looked into the IDL vs.
Matlab thing based on cost and functionality. On the face of it, Matlab appeared less expensive but
when you added all the toolboxes and whatnot to get the same functionality, they came out about the
same in cost/function. And, at the time, I felt that IDL produced superior output (plots and images
and such).

Regardless, I've resigned myself to reproducing functionality that I need in code that I control. So
as the years go by, my little collection of platform independent (and free) code will grow until I'm
self sufficient. Until then I have IDL.
> Does anyone use GKS anymore?

Never heard of it


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