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Re: It costs how much?!!?!

For me, idl 5.2.1 would be fine, but I can't believe anyone here is
-really- advocating theft (which is what it would amount to if I, or
anyone else used a 5.2.1 installation key that I didn't pay for).

I use IDL at work (but don't have enough time to sit down and -really-
learn it) on a Sun, the license is, for $ reasons, node-locked, single
user.  I have either a desktop or laptop at my disposal at home running
W98.  I don't see a way that I can use the home/work license given that 
	a) there's no way (that I've seen) to dongle the sun (and it has an app
that runs at 2 every morning anyway) so I couldn't take it if I wanted
to and
	b) I don't do dongles.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...  RSI/Kodak ought to GIVE
AWAY the student version.  There is no better way to get penetration
into the workplace than to have new hires experienced in using your
product.  There's no better way to get students to use a product than to
GIVE it to them.

(it wouldn't help be as I'm not a student, but I still think they ought
to do it.)

dmarshall@ivory.trentu.ca wrote:
> Of course if you don't mind sticking to IDL5.2.1 you can use the bootleg
> installation number, site notice and s/n floating around.
> Dave.
> Its probably going to get warm in here.