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Re: It costs how much?!!?!

Randall Skelton wrote:
> On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, Paul van Delst wrote:
> > ...Sometimes it's fun to write shell
> > scripts that modify system stuff automagically. Particularly for laptops that have certain license
> > managers installed that don't run when you change your IP address to plug into a network whilst on a
> > field trip (Not unique to IDL LM...my f90/C compilers don't work either).
> This magic script sounds like a *must* post item-- some of us have been
> battling this *feature* of IDL for far too long.  Of course, if you do
> post it, my guess is that you'll need to change it for the next version of
> IDL... If you don't feel like posting it here, can you please send it to
> me via email!

my laptop is at home, but it's not a big deal. All I do is link to a different network.opts file (in
/etc/pcmcia), then pop the ethernet card out and back in so the changes stick. I simply create a
network.opts for every particular situation I'm currently in. If I just _have_ to use IDL at a
remote site (and I haven't set up the "Trial Version....for Eval. Purposes Only" via RSI Tech
Support, then all I have do is type in one line (to switch to the network.opts that lmgrd requires)
pop the card, and I'm off. Of course I can't communicate through the network anymore until I switch

Methinks you think I'm doing something clever..... I ain't


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