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Re: postscript file sizes

Stuart Colley wrote:
> Lets say one has a huge array of data to print, you open the the PS
> device, TV the data (scaled to fit the whole page), then close the device
> and print the data. The PostScript file is HUGE.  So I thought about
> rebinning the data to make the resulting PS file smaller.
> Working sort of backwards, presumably there must be some limit whereby
> making your array/PS file bigger does not result in a better quality image
> when you actually print it.  Anyone know how to determine this limit?
> cheers,
> Stu

Uhh, 600dpi*7in = 4200 so a 4kx4k array is about the limit.  Postscript
can accomodate much higher resolution, but most printers cannot.  More
important to the quality of the printout will be the color accuracy and
range of your printer.