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IDL and external app in concurrent mode

Hi everybody,
my name is Andrea Barbaresi and I work in the research center
of Telecom Italia Group, here in Italy.

I read on "External Development Guide" that
"IDL was not designed to be used in a threaded program" so
I'd like to know if it's possible to accomplish, both in Windows
and in Unix environment, a task like the one
described below:

Use a C++ program to activate a IDL widget-app
in a non-blocking way (by means of "IDL_RunTimeExec()"
statement?); after this  call the program must be able to continue
its execution and periodically give back the control to IDL to
check if there are any messages from the GUI created by widget-app.

Can it work ?
(Does the XMANAGER statement in IDL program return immediately or not ?)

Are there alternative ways to do the same task?

Should I think about a different scenario where there are two concurrent
with IDL program that pass widgets events to the C++ program
in one way or another?

Can "non block" widgets be usefull ?

It is possible to have a shared memory between the two processes?

Any help or suggestions will be  very much appreciated,
thanks a lot!

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