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Re: vn5.4 woes (today missing)

William Connolly (wmc@bas.ac.uk) writes:

> Hello folks. OK, I've finally tried 5.4 and I find that:
> today() is missing - it was there in 5.2
> idldt__define is (ditto)
> I've just copied over the 5.2 definitions so I'm OK. But why
> were they removed? Am I committing some gross blunder in continuing
> to use these routines? Are there new versions that are so much better
> that I should rewrite all my code to use them?
> Hoping for enlightenment,

I thought all those date/time structures went away in IDL 5.2
because they could not be made Y2K compatible. You must still
be working on that data archive, William. :-)



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