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Re: Which like command for IDL?

David Fanning wrote:
> Jason P. Meyers (jpm7934@cis.rit.edu) writes:
> >       I was recently working with some examples from Dave Fanning's book
> > (nice book Dave) when I realized it would be nice to have an IDL program
> > that works like the unix "which" command.  I had typed in the
> > Display.pro program on page 66 only to find out that there is some other
> > program (I suspect an RSI demo) also called Display.pro elsewhere on my
> > IDL path.  It would sure be nice to be able to quickly identify which
> > program IDL is using from the path.
> >
> >       Does anyone out there know of such a beast for IDL?
> Try this:
>    IDL> Help, /Source
That does the job for a routine you've already compiled, but what if you 
want to find out BEFORE you compile it which display.pro you would end
up running? Or even better (JD can probably do this with a recursive
one-line routine), how about a procedure that goes through your full
path and finds all of the duplicate filenames? I've often wanted to do
this so that I could do some preemptive file renaming, but I haven't
on the task yet. I am sure that I have about six different routines
called CIRCLE.PRO in libraries that I have gotten from people, and
a routine that figured this out in advance would be a nice thing.
	I got burned a year ago (UNIX system) by storing old versions
of programs in a subdirectory called OLD. It turns out that the !Path
was set up in such a way that the procedures in the OLD directory
had precedence over the new ones. Took me a long time to figure
out why it was that the changes I was putting in my program never got