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Re: LinkImage question

David Fanning (davidf@dfanning.com) writes:

> Stuart Colley (src@zupcx6.star.ucl.ac.uk) writes:
> > I've written a function in C that I can access from within IDL using
> > LinkImage, but if I change the function, recompile it, and re-issue the
> > LinkImage command, IDL does not use the updated function but the original
> > function.  Is there anyway of getting IDL to use the new function without
> > exiting and restarting IDL?
>    IDL> .Reset_Session
> In IDL 5.3 and higher.

Whoops! I'm reliably informed that this should be:

   IDL> .Full_Reset_Session

And that it is not guaranteed to work on all platforms. :-)


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