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Re: LinkImage question

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, David Fanning wrote:
>    IDL> .Reset_Session
> In IDL 5.3 and higher.
Are you sure?  We have have v5.3 but it doesn't seem to work?

I was also playing with some of the examples given in chapter 18 of the
External Development Guide (edg.pdf).  In particular, the fzroots2.c
example, the example works fine, but I can't see where zroots_f and
zroots_d are coming from.  They're not declared in export.h, or nr.h, and
they're defined elsewhere in the source file, so do these functions exist
with IDL and are being called by fzroots2.c?  If this was the case I would
have expected they procedures described in chapters 19 & 20 (Callable
IDL) to have been followed, but this doesn't seem to be the case.