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Issuing a print command

Hi all,
I have an array of text that I want hard copy output of. At the moment,
the user can select a pull-down menu "Save" and the dialog_pickfile
opens a file to write to. The user can then use other utilities to
print/view this file.
However, the user has asked for a "Print" pull-down menu option that
will send the text to the currently setup printer.
To achieve this, I write the text to a temporary file, close the file,
then issue DEVICE,/PRINT_FILE  = 'fname.typ'. This only works partially.
The output is no longer correctly formatted.
I tried using DIALOG_PRINTERSETUP before printing the file to allow the
user to change the current printer, format, orientation etc. This had no
effect and the system default printer is always used.
Has anyone any ideas on how I can provide such a function?
I am currently using 5.3 under Windows NT, but I have 5,4 in the wings
if that is needed.