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Re: multiple filters

Rochelle Hatton (nrh@imag.wsahs.nsw.gov.au) writes:
> I've trawled the archives, with little luck, but hopefully it's
> an easy question - is there a workaround to use more than one
> filter in DIALOG_PICKFILE ?
> Or has someone got a nice tidy little programto do this?
> All the ones I have are a bit too involved for what I need.

I presume you are using a PC version of IDL, since a 
single file filter has been the only option there for 
some time. DIALOG_PICKFILE has been made marginally
smarter in IDL 5.4, in that you can now specify a
string array of file filters and it will recognize
all of them. 

Unfortunately, the filters are listed on a single
filter line in the little droplist widget that
shows the filters, so it is an all or nothing
kind of thing. Every other Windows application I've
ever used separates each individual filter, which
I presume is what we were looking for when we 
asked for this feature. :-(

Perhaps we should file another feature request.



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