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Re: multiple filters take 2

Rochelle Hatton (nrh@imag.wsahs.nsw.gov.au) writes:

> A few days ago I asked about the possibility of using multiple file
> filters with a file selection program. After much fiddling with an
> old program, I decided to have a go at writing a new version that uses
> My question still remains - the help on DIALOG_PICKFILE seems make no
> sense - is it a Windows only option?
> I can't work out from the help whether it is possible on Unix, or is
> it a feature request for RSI?
> Alternatively, has anyone written their own version to allow for more
> than one filter?

I have a program, named SELECTIMAGE, that I wrote for my own
amusement. I didn't really intend for it to become a public
program. Rather, I needed it for some work I was doing for
a client. The client and I are *always* working on PCs, so
I felt free to use some techniques that I know have given
me some headaches on UNIX machines in the past. 

For example, I have a little thumbnail image in the program
which allows me to preview the image before I actually 
select it. On windows I can resize that draw widget any
which way, and things still don't look good. I'm not sure
what happens on other operating systems. Similarly with
a label widget, which is continually displaying different
information about the file you are browsing currently.

I wouldn't mention it at all, except that it *does* have
the ability to read images of different types by means
of a filter button. Although you can only use one filter
at a time. The program supports any know image format
that has a corresponding QUERY_**** routine associated
with it.

I put it on my web page today, thinking that I might
as well find out what is wrong with it and fix it if
I have to. :-(

You can find a picture and description of the program


You will need these three files to run it:


To read JPEG files, for example:

   IDL> image = SelectImage(/jpeg)

Note, that what I had in mind was a more aesthetic (and
more intuitive) version of RSI's DIALOG_READ_IMAGE. :-)

As I say, I will not be surprised to hear about problems
with this. But if you report them, I try to fix them.



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