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Re: MPEG movies & frame rate

Niclas H M Tylli (niclas.tylli.ZERO@SPAM.ethz.ch) writes:
> I have managed to stream the IDL graphics window content to a mpeg movie
> file according to the help file sample; I use version 5.1. However, to
> the best of my knowledge (which, being a newbie, doesn't account for
> much ;-) there is no way to influence the frame rate. An obvious work
> around would be to loop the same image for a number of frames, but then
> the resulting movie is unnecessarily big.. Does anybody have some
> pointers on how to get around this in a more elegant way?

I'm afraid you are out of luck, with that version of
IDL. :-(

In IDL 5.4 the MPEG object has a new Frame_Rate keyword
that can be used to set the frame rate of these movies.



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