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Re: IDL Documentation tool?

Daniel Luebbert <luebbert@ssrl.slac.stanford.edu> writes:

> Hi there,
> I am trying to generate a documentation for a large bunch of IDL
> programs of mine,
> so that someone else could easily understand and use them.
> Does anyone know of a program, PERL script, commercial tool or whatever
> else
> which could generate a complete documentation from the source code?
> It should certainly include a list of routines in each file, with the
> respective arguments and keywords,
> and also extra any header documentation like "doc_library" does.
> But ideally it should also analyze which other routines each file uses,
> maybe detect common block incompatibilities,
> etc., etc...

David: Why would you ever want to do this?  Just go with the flow!

Craig: Darn it! Why doesn't IDL have this in the first place? <grump>

JD: You can do it with a combination of HISTOGRAM and REBIN...

Pavel: Make sure it works on a Mac too!

R. Bauer: See http://www.fz-juelich.de/ for licensing...

Liam: Be sure to properly document your code and you will never have this

Newbie: Why won't colors work on my 24-bit screen?

Sarcasm aside, and it WAS SARCASM :-), yes Daniel, I think this would
be a wonderful addition to IDL, but I don't know of any such tool at
the moment.


P.S. No offense intended by anybody's inclusion or omission from the
list above.  I was just having fun!

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