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Re: IDL Documentation tool?

Daniel Luebbert wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am trying to generate a documentation for a large bunch of IDL
> programs of mine,
> so that someone else could easily understand and use them.
> Does anyone know of a program, PERL script, commercial tool or whatever
> else
> which could generate a complete documentation from the source code?

Uhhh... don't you write the documentation *before* the code?

At first I thought MK_HTML_HELP would do the job, but you want something to actually go in and parse
the source code and hunt about for all the dependencies along with argument lists?


You'd still have to modify all the routine documentation so that other users know, say, what units
the various arguments are supposed to be in. Wot a job.

It sounds like a good project in which to learn Perl.... :o)  Hmmm....

Good luck.

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