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Re: Object rendering with dynamic views

I am afraid my input is not worth iven $0.02, but after I made a fairly
good (to me anyway) OG plotting tool (Display), I ran into a strong
limitation of OG - lack of useful Contour routine. Again, all I do is 2D
plotting (for now), and OG might seem as an overkill, but it was very
easy to program using wide assortment of methods available already.
Now, the speed of rendering for me only kicks in after having > 100k
objects to render, and I am using method 3, because I have no static
elements at all.
The second holdback I ran into was lack of simple way to use OG visuals
in any sort of quality output. For some reason, the same plot in DG PS
output is fully vector and can be tweaked in Adobe or Corel, while OG
output in any form is made of a bunch of rectangular scalable blocks at
best. I could be doing something wrong, but I tried all possible
settings and can't get OG output to be editable. And, no offense meant,
IDL's visuals (at least those I have the patience to achieve) are not
exactly publication ready.
For these reasons, I am moving backwards to DG, but of course it will be
objects anyway. I'll have to write a few methods for ROI and all that,
but I really want to have a nice Contour and Map capabilities combined
with line plots. For as long as I have no true 3D needs, that should do
and be fast to render.


P.S. The reason I brought this up is that rendering speed of OGis not
the only thing that comes to my mind. Output (whichm after all, is what
visualization is all about) limitations became important once I had
full-blown onscreen visualization going.