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Re: Object rendering with dynamic views

Hi Pavel,

I agree that this might be best handled with direct graphics.  The trouble
I have bumped into is that when I move the cursor over a data point within
the scatter plot, something else will occur in a secondary (and separate)
separate draw widget that already contains object graphics.  I can't be
sure that the display system will always be at least 24 bit (mixing object
graphic widgets and direct graphic widgets on an 8bit monitor in the same
session produces a mess.)   Geez, if I could be sure that the routine would
never be used on an 8 bit display, then I would definitely switch to a mix
of graphics types (each in its own draw widget.)

Although I'd like to take Mark's challenge to test out the two OOG systems,
I think that I must retreat a bit and modify my secondary widget display:
it will be able to do either DG or OOG depending upon the situation.  Then
I will use direct graphics for the primary display/interaction.   It's the
path of least resistance for now... and the deadline is, well, let us see
what time it is...



"Pavel A. Romashkin" wrote:

> I am afraid my input is not worth iven $0.02, but after I made a fairly
> good (to me anyway) OG plotting tool (Display), I ran into a strong
> limitation of OG - lack of useful Contour routine. Again, all I do is 2D
> plotting (for now), and OG might seem as an overkill, but it was very
> easy to program using wide assortment of methods available already.
> Now, the speed of rendering for me only kicks in after having > 100k
> objects to render, and I am using method 3, because I have no static
> elements at all.
> The second holdback I ran into was lack of simple way to use OG visuals
> in any sort of quality output. For some reason, the same plot in DG PS
> output is fully vector and can be tweaked in Adobe or Corel, while OG
> output in any form is made of a bunch of rectangular scalable blocks at
> best. I could be doing something wrong, but I tried all possible
> settings and can't get OG output to be editable. And, no offense meant,
> IDL's visuals (at least those I have the patience to achieve) are not
> exactly publication ready.
> For these reasons, I am moving backwards to DG, but of course it will be
> objects anyway. I'll have to write a few methods for ROI and all that,
> but I really want to have a nice Contour and Map capabilities combined
> with line plots. For as long as I have no true 3D needs, that should do
> and be fast to render.
> Cheers,
> Pavel
> P.S. The reason I brought this up is that rendering speed of OGis not
> the only thing that comes to my mind. Output (whichm after all, is what
> visualization is all about) limitations became important once I had
> full-blown onscreen visualization going.

Ben Tupper
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
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