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How to redirect stdout & stderr from a Windows app?

I have a windows app (NT 4, IDL 5.3) that apparently screws up occasionally.
That is, it doesn't respond to certain buttons, sliders, etc.  Of course it
hasn't failed any of the times I've tried it in the IDE.  Is there any way
to redirect stdout and stderr so I can capture IDL messages, PRINT output,
etc. in a file?  I've tried invoking runtime IDL from a DOS window with ">
foo.bar" but I never get any output in foo.bar although my app starts.  And,
of course, I can't close or reopen units -1 or -2.

Dave Greenwood                Email: Greenwoodde@ORNL.GOV
Oak Ridge National Lab        %STD-W-DISCLAIMER, I only speak for myself