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Re: How to redirect stdout & stderr from a Windows app?

Dave Greenwood (greenwoodde@ornl.gov) writes:
> I have a windows app (NT 4, IDL 5.3) that apparently screws up occasionally.
> That is, it doesn't respond to certain buttons, sliders, etc.  Of course it
> hasn't failed any of the times I've tried it in the IDE.  Is there any way
> to redirect stdout and stderr so I can capture IDL messages, PRINT output,
> etc. in a file?  I've tried invoking runtime IDL from a DOS window with ">
> foo.bar" but I never get any output in foo.bar although my app starts.  And,
> of course, I can't close or reopen units -1 or -2.

How about writing the system error message to a file
in one of those Catch error handlers I know you have
in that file! :-)



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