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Re: Socket!

Craig Markwardt <craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu> writes:
... discussion of FTP over and HTTP in IDL
> I think Ron is right, SOCKET is a great opportunity for users to do
> their own interprocess communication, but if you need some of the
> standard protocols then seek outside library help.  Also, it should be
> fairly easy to implement the HTTP protocol.  Try this to get yourself
> started:
... example program

Here I am replying to my own post.  I must be half-way to loony!

Apparently the FTP protocol does support a "passive" technique which
may be easier to implement within IDL, but it still does require
implementing the protocol in IDL.  Also I am told that my HTTP example
may have been too simple (at least it's a starting point).

I think there is hope that a future version of IDL may have an
implementation of these protocols, thus saving us the trouble.


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