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Re: Socket!

landsman@my-deja.com wrote:
> Has anyone tried to use the Unix/Windows SOCKET procedure in IDL V5.4,
> or thought about ways that it might be useful?    

Please find attached my small emailer program, which sends me a 
message if my calculation is finished ( or even an SMS if you have 
an email to SMS service ). So far it worked fine under WinNT4.0 and

I also wrote a kind of pop3 client but is still under construction.
However, I did not manage to write a http-reader. 

I was thinking of the following applications:
	messages from/to remote machines thru SMNP 
	transferring data from/to data collection

Cheers Theo

Theo Brauers
Institut fuer Atmosphaerische Chemie (ICG-3)
Forschungszentrum Juelich
52425 JUELICH, Germany
Tel. +49-2461-61-6646    Fax. +49-2461-61-5346