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Re: !p.symsize

Mark Fardal (fardal@weka.astro.umass.edu) writes:
> I thought I would be smart and set the symbol size once instead of typing
> it every time.  and I thought I knew just how to do it.  then I found:
> SYMSIZE exists as a field in the !P system variable
> it has no effect on the symbol size in the plot
> it is not in the documentation of !P.
> This is in IDL 5.2.1L on Unix.  Do you guys have the same behavior
> with your swanky new versions?  Did !p.symsize ever exist as a
> standard feature?  Or have my attempts to access it just called it
> into (ineffective) existence on my machine, like an ineptly made golem?

Yikes! No it doesn't work here in IDL 5.4 Windows either.

Oddly, SYMSIZE is not listed as a field of !P in 
the IDL 5.4 on-line help, although it is clearly
there in the structure and it gets set properly:

   IDL> !P.Symsize=4
   IDL> Help, !P, /Structure

This looks to me like one of those "Oh, I'll fix
that in a minute" errors that sometimes escape
completion. :-(



P.S. I assume you will be filing a bug report with
the folks at RSI. :-)

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