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Re: Reading GrADS data file in IDL

In article <3A6F36B2.F192F8CE@pacific.met.fsu.edu>,
  Kyong Hwan Seo <khseo@pacific.met.fsu.edu> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I have a GrADS data file and control file.
> Is there any easy way to read the data file in IDL.
> If you have a program for this, could you please help me.
> Thanks,
> Seo

The basic GrADS file format is very simple.  The data are stored as
a sequence of unformatted floating point arrays.  If your '.ctl' file does
not have any special options specified (i.e. 'options sequential',
'options byteswapped', 'options bigendian' or the like) and you are
planning to read it on a computer that has the same 'endianness'
as the computer that generated it - well you can just use the ASSOC
command and access those arrays directly from the disk.  To advise
further, we'd need to have a look at your .ctl file.

The GrADS file format is explained in the program manual, you can get
a copy at http://dao.gsfc.nasa.gov/grads_listserv/gadoc151.pdf


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