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Re: How to pick a window?

AM (no_spamus@yahoo.com) writes:

> I am trying to find out which idl window I clicked on (ie, selected) if
> I have a number of them on the screen. I want to feed that back into a
> routine that then goes and does something depending on which window I
> click on. I am using the "old fashioned" windows created with 'window',
> rather than these new fangled "widget windows". Is here a solution or do
> I have to use widgets? I am using idl 5.4 in a unix environment. 

Do you *have* to use widgets!? 

...Nope. Huh, uh. I'm not gonna say anything...

My mamma told me if you can't think of anything
good to say, just keep your mouth shut.

> Maybe I can get the window manager to say something to idl?

Do you mean like ... No, no, just forget it.



P.S. Let's just say if IDL weren't first written
in Neanderthal times we would *all* be using widgets
as windows. Sheesh!

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